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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Satria Neo Owners

Dear Satria Neo Owners,

I have an important fact for all of you..

Today on the 28th of May 2008, I was stuck in a situation where I can ignite my Neo, so I thought it might be the battery issue. I went to Monash Uni Malaysia for my final tute for INT and Was kindda rush abit!!

Prior before this incident I had la once forgot to switch off my angel lights for about 8 hours so the battery went dead.. that was 3 months ago..!

I conclude it was my battery dried.. okey fine

I went to retrieve the Jumper set at the maintainance office on the 7th floor.. when i gt to the block 2 the lift didnt worked so, me n Wilson took the stairs all the way up and down.

Then I met shawns fren, shawn by the way ure an ass! They were so kind to help me to use their batt to start my car (use the jump set la!)

So I tought my problem was fix but gosh! It wasn't the battery bcoz when i tested my horns they were honking normally so ..confirm not batt issue..

Then Kim Han came into the picture so then I think i forgot to refuel my car, Damn! So Kim Han help me to buy fuel at two places.. thnx bro.. he was by the way studying for his Money and Capital Markets.. tuff subject n i ganggu him so.. thnx a miillllionn la bro!

So me , kimhan n wilson went to the fuel pump and purchase fuel

We came back and fill it up but the fuel was'nt enough to start the car .. so then.. we had to buy fuel (FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK)

This is when Ruebern came into the picture and sent both me n wilson to the nearest mechanic bcoz i think fuel wasn't the issue here

so i met la this fellar and he say tht fuel wasnt enuff!

He help me to ESso to purchase more fuel and this time I didnt take any risk

I bought 2 x 4 litre worth of fuel

We reach back to my car and start filling in... after that GUESS...

The Car didnt start (FUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!!!!)

I didnt panic and kept my cool as the mechanic was diagnosing the relay and fuse box.

He bypass a few wire and the engine respond BUT it wont stay long

After 2hrs diagnosing he says this must be ur key bcoz he said ur key has this chip in ur key not functioning..

So ffuck it la..

I left Monash and came back home. Luckly Alvin owe me some cash or i think I broke adi,... Thanx dude!!! thanx for the sandwich, thnx fr the concern.. so sorry cannot go makan Carls Jr. Nvm mind we go next Monday 2nd june.

After tht at night

i came back to monash and nw the best mechanic in the world- my dad !!!

U know whut he did he brought his glasses n a torch- no jump set, no tooolss notthing!!!!

he picked up one tiny black chip n turn on the ignition...GUESS whut


The car is on.

My father say that is called the immobilizer! even if ppl duplicate ur key they wont be able to ignite..

Waaa laaU!! this tiny box had caused me so much trouble.. so remeber when i said I was rushing to monash, ??!

I reach a car park n straight away pull out my car key n that is when my car key split into half.

This happen not because it was a "Proton is Low Quality" but even Mercedes keys do hv the same problem where the keys can crack

When we ignite our car/ as we turn the key, the position we hold the key is important.. please remember to hold at the nearest point of the plastic holder meaning close to the metal of the key.

Avoid turning at the tip of the plastic as this will break the plastic and possibly u may drop the electronic parts sucha ur alarm circuit board, battery and ur Immobilizer!!!

This happened to me when my keys break.. the immobilizer fell and i fail to start my engine ..

How ever now me n my lovely Neo is back at home..

I want to take this oppurtunity to thank wonderful people like KIM HAN, WILSON, ALVIN, and others that take afford to help me. Thank you so much and may god bless u all!

tiny black box its the immobilzer
Thanx for ur time and see u next time ..